24 HRS MONDI | Art for Charity by Diederik Radder

Diederik Radder is Auctioning off one of his artworks, Epilogue (ashes to ashes), and all the proceeds will be donated to the Voedselbank Curacao!

Bidding starts at NAf 795.00
Help Diederik and the Voedselbank Curacao by sending your bid to: info@hetcuracaosch.museum

Last bidding day is Friday July 31st, 2020 which will be celebrated with a Happy Hour from 18:00 HRS to 20:00 HRS with DJ Dorene Woodz at The Curaçao Museum! Join us!

Diederik Radder made this artwork, Epilogue (ashes to ashes), in retrospect of his 24 HRS stay in the Curaçao Mondi , the Mondi of Choloma to be exact!

Epilogue portrays Diederik under the huge and ancient Indju-tree in his own peaceful ‘mondi-cosmos’. On the other side of the tree there is the wind, carrying the ghosts of the outer world.

While spending 24 Hours in the Mondi, Diederik realized that he was part of the circle of life in the Mondi: Leaves and branches were raining down all the time, forming a layer of rich humus from which mushrooms and seedlings feed off and grow and turn into the trees and branches that will rain down again and form a rich layer of humus and-so-forth……This made Diederik very much aware of his own mortality.
The artwork is made on Hahnemühle bamboo mixed media paper (42×56 cm). Frame included.