BOTANICAL DIASPORA by Marcel van Duijneveldt

Marcel van Duijneveldt in his own words about his exciting new SOLO Exhibition BOTANICAL DIASPORA:

I have always been fascinated by cloudy skies, organic structures, landscapes, and exuberant flora.
For many years I have painted clouds in all shapes and sizes.
In this exhibition, I focused my gaze downwards: towards the variation in our plant world.
This series of paintings started with the painting of the pod of a tree from Ethiopia, from which I received some seeds as a gift and cultivated them into plants which in turn grew into large trees of which their descendants have already spread further on the island.
The first painting, the ‘Black Pearl’, sparked my curiosity about the origins of the other plants in my area. Further research showed that they hailed from all over the world, all descendants of a ‘mother plant’ from a distant and remote place, to ultimately plant their roots into the Curaçaoan soil: BOTANICAL DIASPORA.
Just like me when I arrived here years ago, lured by the beautiful cloud formations, and have now also become rooted on this wonderful Island that I call home.
With this exhibition BOTANICAL DIASPORA, I pay tribute to this beautiful diversity.

Welcome to my garden!

Marcel van Duijneveldt