Game Art Summer Camp with Wim Houben at The Curaçao Museum

Follow the Game Art Summer Class at The Curaçao Museum!

On 5, 6 and 7 of August, Wim Houben, a Concept Artist and 3D Artist within the Gaming Industry, will host a workshop ‘Concept Art’ for everybody who wishes to improve their concept Design Skills!

Wim will cover the following subjects during the workshops:
1. Creature designs skills
2. Character designs skills
3. Robotica designs skills

The workshops will cover all levels and can be followed by both beginners and advanced pupils.
You will be working with both pencil, paper and digital painting (if so desired) for those who want to go all out and improve their concept Design Skills digitally!

Costs: Ang 150,- for three days
Time: from 10:00 AM to 15:00 PM
Includes: Coffee, tea, water and a snack
Lunch is not included
Age: 14 years

Contact us If you are younger, wish to participate and already have some game art designs.

Register or contact us for more information at: or

Check out Wim Houben’s work :

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