Harmonies of Art: Happy Hour with Rappers and Poets

Dear Friends of The Curaçao Museum,
We cordially invite you for a Happy Hour with the Rappers and Poets of our New Exhibition “Harmonies of Art”.

Happy Hour
Rappers and Poets New Exhibition “Harmonies of Art”
Thursday, August 24, 2023
From 18.00 to 20.00
Free Entrance
With (UP)Beatz by DJ Dorene Woodz

Drop in directly after work and meet the talented rappers and poets who gave our Local, Dutch, and International masterpieces, acquired by the Museum over the years,  a modern voice!

Our New exhibition “Harmonies of Art”, celebrates Curaçao’s cultural diversity and creative spirit by blending different art forms. Visit the Exhibition during the happy hour, scan the QR code, and listen to them. A permanent video of the different performances also forms part of the exhibition.

Their narratives will encourage introspection, personal interpretations, and a deeper connection with the exhibited artworks. You will experience the power of art to inspire, provoke, and connect people across time and cultures.

The rappers and poets who collaborated with us for this exhibition:
Areina Martina, Zealous, Jeannine Quesor, Vesuhely Americaan, Johnny Bonaire, Zoinx, Robyn, Ralph Winedt, Aldaïr, AJ and Pharao.

‘Harmonies of Art’ was made possible thanks to our sponsors:



Join us in our second celebration marking our 75 years of existence through this wonderful exhibition and kindly let us know if you will be present at: info@hetcuracaosch.museum