‘Sekreto di Famia – Papel, Paña, Potoshi’

Invitation for the opening of the new Exhibition: “Sekreto di Famia – Papel, Paña, Potoshi”

Introducing the following ladies:

Maria van Enckevort with her Beautiful and Vibrant Quilts, giving Old clothing and fabrics an entire New life! Her Quilts bring back old memories that seemed lost, faces and stories from the past that we cannot forget.

Judy Sprock with her wondrous and delicate artwork, inspired by her love for paper and nature. With her artwork, Judy provides a second chance to: Magazines, News Papers, Telephone Books and Old metals which have been thrown away in the trash.

Claire Klinkert with an exquisite and unique collection of “Potoshi” and Paintings, depicting the world of her loved ones; her mother’s wondrous world, her father’s poetry, the creatures who live in her garden and her Caribbean people with their many hidden talents!

Swing by on Saturday January 26th, 2019 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM and meet these wonderful ladies and their unique Works of Art!

The exhibition “Sekreto di Famia – Papel, Paña, Potoshi” will remain on display at The Curaçaoao Museum From January 26th, 2019 till March 2nd, 2019!