Frank van Eijk – Tipografia di Kòrsou

About Frank van Eijk

“My creative work is a way for me to study human behavior, body language, gestures and expressions. The interaction between positive and negative space, light and shadow”
-Frank van Eijk-

Frank van Eijk was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He studied at ArtEZ, University of the Arts in Arnhem and he also has a master’s degree in Behavioral Psychology and has been living and working in Curaçao since 2020.

Understanding – and being amazed by – human behavior has always been a central theme in Frank’s studies and work. His creative work focuses on painting, linocuts and audiovisual work.

Next to his creative work, Frank is a professional in the field of branding, advertising and communication.
With the project ‘Tipografia di Kòrsou’, his interest in the power of communication and his creative work come together.

TIPOGRAFIA DI KÒRSOU in Frank’s own words

A colorful Journey of discovery through photographs
“The first time I visited Curaçao, I fell in love with the many roadside shops’ colorful advertising and visual language. A completely different world than the world of advertising I am familiar with. While large companies’ marketing is often characterized by uniformity and safe choices, the commercial messages from the shops in Curaçao are often applied spontaneously, done by hand, and are therefore always playful and unique. In a sense, the exhibition ‘Tipografia di Kòrsou’ symbolizes what I generally find attractive about Curaçao: ‘not always completely perfect’.”

“With the photographs in my book ‘Tipografia di Kòrsou’ I took the time to study and portray the local barber shop and good old tire service, which many people may take for granted, in the hope to create recognition and cultivate an appreciation for the shops and the people that give color to the island.”

Getting curious about this very talented young upcoming artist’s work? Join us next week Thursday for the Book Presentation and opening of the Exhibition ‘TIPOGRAFIA DI KÒRSOU’ with a special selection of some beautiful photographs from his book. Admire and appreciate our colorful Shops and the people that run them so passionately through Frank van Eijk’s eyes and lens all over again!

This project is kindly sponsored and powered by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch gebied, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank and The Curaçao Museum.