Luigi Pinedo, Father and Daughter

Dear Friends of The Curaçao Museum,

You are hereby cordially invited to the opening of the new Exhibition
“Luigi Pinedo, Father and Daughter”
on Thursday September 2, 2021 from 19:00 to 21:00 pm at
The Curaçao Museum.

This exhibition is to celebrate the move of one of Luigi Pinedo’s most beautiful paintings, the ‘Simon Bolivar’ (1965), which has been beautifully restored
by Myrna Moreno.

Karin Isidora – Pinedo (Luigi Pinedo’s daughter) thought that The Curaçao Museum would make a nice home for the painting since we also have more of her father’s artwork in our own collection. We couldn’t agree more, but we had only one condition…that Karin would exhibit some of her artworks together with those of her father as well
at The Curaçao Museum!

Karin is no stranger to the art world. She started painting at a very young age as Luigi Pinedo used to take her and her sister Muriel to the Tafelberg (in the area of Jan Zoutvat where Luigi did plein air painting). He put Karin in charge of painting the sky and her sister Muriel in charge of painting the ground.
After they were done he would finish painting the Tafelberg while they played.

Karin also followed a couple of painting lessons given by Luigi but found it very difficult to continue attending as Luigi wanted her to be the best of the entire class!

Karin finally really took up painting after she retired in 2018. She attended a total of three painting workshops with renown painters from abroad organized by Arthur Oster. At first she was very reluctant but her husband encouraged her to go to prove to herself that she could paint. She also attended a painting course in London at the Sunny Art Academy where she had private painting sessions with Nicolas Granger.
To this day Karin enjoys painting still lifes and landscapes.

Will you join us and Karin for the opening of this very special
‘Father and Daughter’ Exhibition?
Let us know at:

The exhibition “Luigi Pinedo, Father and Daughter” will be on show till November 6, 2021

Please note that the occupation for the opening of this exhibition is very limited due to the new covid – 19 rules and regulations. The RSVP is therefore mandatory.

We thank you for:
Wearing your face mask when inside the Museum,
Keeping a safe distance
and washing your hands with the hand sanitizer stands especially provided for you by The Curaçao Museum